Friday, October 14, 2011

Her word for it

Baby girl can seriously communicate!  Ok so I'm working on another post, but it is going to take a bit to get it right so tonight you are left with anecdotes about Reagan's communication skills tonight.  I just wish I had some video to go along with it...I'll try and get some this weekend.  It really is precious how she has figured out that she can get us to understand what she wants.  Some adorable examples:
Last week she was sitting in my lap and she clapped (which I later realized was her mastering the sign "more") signed "milk" pulled at my shirt buttons and then laid down in my lap waiting expectantly for her hunger to be satisfied.  It was pretty clear she wanted to nurse.  I was amazed how she put all that together to ensure I understood her.
A few days ago she was sitting in Daddy's lap and he offered her a rice snack.  She gobbled it down then started DaDaDa to get his attention while pointing at the bag and signing "more".
Yesterday she was sitting in her high chair eating pancakes.  After finishing it I asked her if she wanted more or was all done (I didn't think she knew all done).  She promptly signed "all done" and lifted her hands to be picked up.
Today I was teaching a piano lesson.  Reagan loves when I teach piano lessons and she just sits and listens to the music.  Well today she wanted in on the action.  She scooted over to her little baby piano (see what you started Aunt Jodi)  and patted the bench.  So I put her on it to play for a minute then took her off to continue the lesson.  She patted it again.  And when I ignored her she babbled at me until I looked at her and tried yet again.
And then she spoke! Now I've mentioned that she says a few "words" but they are mostly to herself...just saying byebye or excitedly saying her version of duck.  But today she said clear it clear as anything.  She was eating a snack and I asked her if she wanted more or was all done...she started to sign all done then stopped, looked me right in the eyes and and firmly said "MORE".  Now if only I could get her to do it again.  But alas she is having too much fun signing "more" after every bite of dinner.

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