Monday, October 24, 2011

Happy Birthday Mamay

We went to visit Rafael's Grandfather today.  It is his 87th birthday.  He very much enjoyed seeing the girls and telling them how beautiful they are.  He gets a gold star for telling me that the best thing I can do for them is stay home with them now while they are young. :)  This was Mamay's first time meeting Reagan and he fell in love.  Who wouldn't?  Reagan was making faces and giggling when he laughed at her.  As I watched them interact...the baby with an extra chromosome and the old man who relies on family to care for him...I was struck by how special they both are.  How important their lives are.  And how both of them could be considered a drain on society.  How could anyone think that?!?  Mamay didn't know Reagan has Down syndrome (he is too confused and wouldn't remember if we tried to explain it), all he saw was a precious baby worthy of love.  Reagan didn't know that Mamay has memory problems and can't live on his own anymore, all she saw was someone to share love with.  They have the right idea!
Sorry about the poor picture quality, I left my camera at Grammy's house and won't get it back till Wednesday, so we had to settle for a phone picture.