Saturday, October 22, 2011


I don't know where she gets it from, must be her extra chromosome because none of the rest of her family is in the least bit stubborn, especially not her mama. <grin>  Just one more way Reagan is more alike than different.  She is showing her stubborn streak off this week too.  Fighting I won't stop arching my back or put weight on my arms.  Fighting signing...mama you know perfectly well what I want when I point to it so why in the world should I make the proper sign.  Fighting sleep....don't you know 1 year olds don't need to go to bed if they don't want to, what do you mean you're going to leave me here by myself.  Of course I won't really complain about that stubbornness as it will help her power through hard stuff in life just like it has for her mama...ok I admit I'm verrrry stubborn tenacious.


Anna Theurer said...

Wow! Your daughter is positively beautiful. Sounds like Reagan is being a little miss stubborn. I hear ya. . . Ellie does the same thing. The back arching. Ack, I hate the back arching. . . try tickling her tummy :)

Leah said...

Stubborn... maybe. But gorgeous... absolutely!

Scott said...

About that first sentence... No comment... :-)