Saturday, October 8, 2011

What Wouldn't Have Been (31 for 21 post 8)

 As I sat here snuggling my one year old daughter, nursing her before bedtime I was reflecting on how life has changed in the last year.  I can't imagine what life would be like if Reagan didn't have Down syndrome.  Boring I think.  Really,  I can't conceive of life being different than it is.  I know that it wouldn't be the same as it was before she was born, because life changes all the time.  But it seems to me that it would be somewhat flat and pointless. But then that is partly because of what I know wouldn't have been had Reagan not blessed us with an extra chromosome.  I wouldn't have gotten to know so many wonderful people who share the bond of T21.  And I wouldn't have made some friends who will be part of our lives forever.  The wonderful world of blogging has brought so many wonderful people across my screen!  People like Patti who's passion inspires me and who's daughter Lily charms me...I can't wait to really meet them someday.  Patti we will get together someday, that's a FACT!  And Susanna who helps me stay grounded with her honest writing about faith and family.  You have become a real friend and I hope someday we will find ourselves in your part of the world to meet you in real life instead of only via phone and e-mail, but in the meantime I am so grateful for technology. :)  Deanna who must be a sister from another mother.  We share a love of music and cooking and a daughter with and extra chromosome.  And she always leaves comments about how cute my daughter is.  She writes better than me though. :p  Then there are the real life friends who I cherish.
Little Lila Grace was born to a family right in my own church, but I probably wouldn't have ever met them if not for Reagan being born first.
The whole Quinn family who, interestingly, we met through Patti, and who live nearby.
Reagan and Laura are buddies and Ashley is a great babysitter and an even better photographer.  Love you guys and can't wait till Autumn comes home and we can throw her a party!  Megan and I can talk for hours, we are a couple of like-minded chatterboxes.  Love you girl and we're gonna get that girl of yours home soon too!  How very blessed we are to have made so many wonderful friends in the last year.  I am so glad you all are a part of our lives instead of could have been.


Megan said...

Thank you Shauna. I say quite often how grateful I am for the new friends I have made on this journey. I believe we were friends before this world in Heaven and that is why we connected so easily. <3

Shannon said...

I am grateful for being a part of this community. I have made more meaningful friendships in the last year then ever before in my life. Near and far. In person and in bloggy land. And you are so right, there are so many good things that would have never happened if my little one didnt have that extra chromosome.

Patti said...

yes, we WILL!!! :):)