Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I've spent too much time reading amazing blogs today and not much time thinking of anything wonderful to share on my own.  Oh well, sometimes we just have random days.  Today was one of those.  Just little bits and pieces and suddenly the day is gone.  Lost in laundry (mostly done), kid activities and a over-tired fuzzy brain.  Random thoughts and activities from today:
Early morning snuggles in bed with Reagan and Daddy is a great way to start the day...normally the big girls wake us up first.

Reading and obsessing and reading and obsessing some more about the new blood test and the value of human eats at me and I wish there was something I could do.

Reagan had her hearing test today.  There is still fluid in her ears and she still has mild to moderate hearing loss, she hears best in the low register.  They still don't know if it is all from fluid or some sensory.  Looks like we may be getting tubes :(  Not happy, but I want my baby to be able to hear!

New tires.  WooHoo the car is safe to drive again!

Bike riding with the big girls...Clarisse is getting good at it!  We'll have to do some family biking on our vacation time...did I mention we are having our first (stay at home) real vacation since Clarisse was a baby!

I'm sure more went into this day, but did I mention my brain is fuzzy?  Tomorrow is another shared subject day: faith and Down syndrome...I'll try and be more coherent.  :)

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Megan and family said...

Thanks for finding my blog today via the Blog Hop! I can really relate to your over-tired fuzzy brain and to obsessing over the new blood test...