Thursday, October 6, 2011

What's not to Love? (31 for 21 post 6)

Each Thursday in October bloggers participating in 31 for 21 are writing about our take on the same topic.  This week's topic is what is one (or more) thing you love about Down syndrome.  I have had fun today reading the various takes on this question.  Some adorable physical traits.  Some personality traits.  Some changing world views.  I was pondering my own answer and having a hard time with it.  What don't  I love might be an easier question to answer.  I could (and probably will later) go on and on about the things I love about Reagan's Down syndrome.  But that is to be expected as I am her mother. :)  So, being inspired by my reading today, I asked some of the people in Reagan's life what they love about Down syndrome.
 Daddy:  What she has taught me.  What I have learned about myself and how it has brought out the best in me. I am a stronger person now.  I've learned to let go and trust God.  I've learned a lot of life lessons in the last year.

Grammy:  #1  I actually like the uniqueness- our other kids can just sort of skate by in our imaginations early                  on as typical, but Reagan was unique from the start.
               #2 the challenge of learning something new and putting out to help her get where she can do all she can--makes me pay better attention
               #3 I like the "reason" to play with her more than normal
               #4  I just see "special" as good

Auntie Megan:  The sweet faces and the spirit they have.

Me:  I love the passion she has brought to my life.  I live fuller, love more deeply and see more color in the world because of one tiny extra chromosome.

And one more bonus interview just to make you smile.  When I asked (4 year old) Clarisse what she loved about her sister..."she's got Down syndrome"  well baby what do you like about her Down syndrome?  "she was born"  I guess she's just happy to have such a cute baby sister. :)
Tell me what you love about Reagan, Down syndrome, or both and I'll add it to a grand finale list later this month.


Megan said...

Everyone's answers were great but Clarisse's says it perfectly. How sweeet, innocent and honest are children. She just loves her sister! Not her special sister but her sister!

Anonymous said...

I love Clarisse's comment, but I love yours too, Shauna. I don't see Reagan as different, but she is special because she has had a profound effect on you and your family. She has released a passion that has always been just under the surface, waiting for the right opportunity to be let out. Reagan is giving you the chance to grow, and you will move forward to do great things for many, many people. I've known that from the start.

CM said...

I'm loving Raegan's beautiful hair! And that picture of your older daughter cuddled up with her is seriously one of the sweetest pictures I've ever seen. Love it!!