Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Look Back

This whole month I've been thinking over and over...last year at this time.  Last year at this time Reagan was tiny and fragile.  A newborn with a heart defect.  What a difference a year makes!  I forgot my camera today so I thought I'd share pictures that I took on this day last year.

Reagan meeting her Godfather for the first time.

Reagan snuggling with the jingle Pooh that Uncle Reggie brought her.

And just because it doesn't feel much like fall...babies and fall leaves are sweet. 
Wasn't she tiny!  She's twice that size now :)


Monica Crawford said...

What a difference a year makes, with the exception she is still as pretty & sweet as ever. Love the photos!

lovemy3 said...

The first year with DS and a heart defect seems like it will never end....then you realize it is over (ours will be over before we know it!)

She is such a doll!