Monday, October 31, 2011

Why I'm Not Scared

 Kids and costumes are pretty much a perfect combination!  My older girls are just old enough now to really enjoy the idea of dressing up and trick-or-treating.  They have been planning with their little buddies for a few weeks now to share the experience (almost didn't happen due to a dead car battery, but we succeeded).  They had a blast.  First we visited with an old friend.
  Then we walked down to the church and played games until our friends joined us.  Then the gaggle of kids trooped off to collect candy.  So cute watching them all together.  But my favorite part was this...
This is the reason I am not scared of Reagan's future.  She is so loved and will always have people around her to love and support her.  Olin did not want Reagan to miss out on trick-or-treating so he took her from me at each house and carried her to the door and brought back her piece of candy for me to hold.   With friends like that Reagan is going to grow up just fine :)
Now I am going to officially pat myself on the back for not missing one single day of posting this month.  I actually managed to find something to say everyday and the time to say it.  I really enjoyed the challenge and I think it will be easier to blog regularly (not everyday though) from now on.  I've "met" some great new people too and look forward to keeping up with their blogs.


Ilisa Ailts said...

I agree about not being scared for Calvin's future because of all the people in his life that love him dearly.

I love reading about Reagan and hope to catch up :)

My Little Wonders said...

John (dh) and I were just having this conversation today - our children and their friends are Miss K's biggest advocates, and multiply that by all the people in the lives of our all children with Ds, and we might just yet change the world. :)

And yes, I think we are fairly close to one another, though you may be a county over. We are Buddy Walk'ing tomorrow ... might you be Buddy Walk'ing tomorrow too? ;)