Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Scenes from Therapy (31 for 21 Post 18)

As promised I attempted to get some video of Reagan signing.  I only managed to get her to sign "more" while I had the camera rolling, and I missed her successfully pushing up to sit for the first time ever!  So I will keep trying to capture her greatness, but here are a few scenes from today's therapy.
"More" and she gets insistent when she really wants something :)

She looks like she could crawl, but refuses to move her hands.

She actually pushed up to sitting from here and I didn't have the camera on video!
This last one wasn't from today, but I've been meaning to post it cause its just so cute.

Tomorrow we go for a hearing test to see how well Miss Reagan can ignore hear us.  We know she can hear, but the question is how much better she might be able to hear.

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doozee said...

Oh, she is SO cute!!! xoxo