Friday, October 7, 2011


 One of the biggest shocks when Reagan was diagnosed with Down syndrome was the sheer number of doctor's appointments and tests there were just to make sure everything was functioning like it should.
Reagan has had more doctor's visits, ultrasounds and blood draws in her 1 year of life than I have in my 31.  Seriously...I'm not exaggerating!  And ironically for the most part she was very healthy.  Yes she had a heart defect and the cardiologist visits started to come with more frequency until surgery as did the pediatrician visits due to her weight loss from heart failure, but she has had no other concerns.  So since surgery the doctor's visits have become practically a rare occasion. :)  She did just have her one year visit.  I am pleased to report that she is continuing to be an adorable, but boring patient.
 She now weighs 14 pounds and measures in at 26 inches.  All her blood work is normal and her heart is ticking like it should.  We do have a few scattered appointments coming up in the next few months, but considering we were averaging more than 2 per week early on this is a piece of cake (never thought that I would be so immersed in the medical community).
Coming up over the next two months we have ears, eyes, heart and new therapy goals.  But this little girl is healthy, happy and GROWING!
In case you were wondering, yes I made this cake :)


Amanda H. said...

Wow your daughter is ADORABLE and you did such a great job with the cake :)! She looks like one happy little girl!

Shauna said...

She was happy...until I removed her from reach of the duck...then she howled like I've never heard her howl before!