Tuesday, October 14, 2014

This and That

Be still my heart I love this kid!  This is the same little girl who I have been writing about every October and that I mentioned last week.  Nobody tells her to do this stuff.  God Bless the Little Children!  11 years old and she is going around with one hand painted pink and the other blue and yellow and telling everybody why.
In other news,  I have been tearing my hair out trying to line up insurance and specialists....why does it have to be this complicated?  And the position of Reagan's secretary is open...it pays well...at least if you can succeed in making these things happen without screaming.  Grant me patience with yet another round of phone calls tomorrow and may everybody's computer systems be running properly.  And Heaven help the next person who says they will call me back to schedule an appointment but never does!  Ok that is out of my system.  Most of Reagan's labs have come back and they are all looking good so far.  Yay!  Also...for the first time since she moved into her big girl bed, Reagan went to sleep in her bed.
  Can I get three cheers?!  Tomorrow is a no school day for Reagan and over into a day off for Daddy so we get lots of play time.  We shall take many cute pictures.  You are welcome.

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