Thursday, October 2, 2014

The cute, the arrgg and the...(Post 2 of 31)

Ahhh I had all the best intentions to get a post up in the morning while Reagan was at school.  A post full of Reagan goodness and cheer.  Ok so that hasn't really changed, because (really, truly) seldom does a day pass that is not full of Reagan goodness and cheer, which makes a day like today fall in the category of good rather than bad all things considered.  Just keeping it real here, today did NOT go according to plan.  Reagan was going to go to school and have speech therapy and fun with her friends and I was going to run errands and put up a cute post about how much Reagan loves Disneyland...
ok here is some Reagan loving Disneyland (who doesn't...told you she was alike!).
  I ended up spending way too much time in the doctor's office and the X-ray office, (no she is not injured) and the lab searching for answers as to why she is having....lets put it delicately so as not to kill your appetite for the fantastic cookies I baked with my best-in-the-world-been-waiting-years-to-try-this-cocoa cookies (hey when you have a day like this chocolate is the only answer!)
 (who wants desert?)...mysterious bowel issues, and getting possibilities, but no answers.  Now don't get me wrong I LOVE our Pediatrician and he had some seriously good insight and ordered some tests that will hopefully point us in the right direction, but sitting at the Imagery Center for a half hour only to find out you have to go elsewhere because your insurance doesn't cover there only to go upstairs to the lab only to find out that you can't draw 10 vials of blood from a 24 lb bundle of cuteness so you'll have to come back a second time...oh just kidding we don't know which tests to run now and which later and the doctor's office is closed so you'll have to come back two more times and as a bonus you get to...oh never mind that one will ruin your appetite for those cookies....does not make for feeling you have spent a day productively.  But that is how it is with kids.  Can I have a show of hands again...who has dealt with this kind of insanity at one point or another, bonus chromosome or no?  Yeah, that is motherhood for you, right?  But not every mama gets a smile like this through it all.  I tell you this kid never misses a chance show her fun side.
 So we waited in a bunch of waiting rooms today...more chances to charm the socks off a few more people....and here I am, yet again, putting up a post at 11:30.  Here's to a less crazy (and more chocolate filled) tomorrow.

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