Saturday, October 11, 2014

Every Day I'm Growing Up

Every day I'm growing up, a little bit, a little bit more!
 I have been looking over a lot of old pictures lately as I have been writing posts over the last couple of weeks.  Also I got Reagan's school pictures back this week.

 As I look back over old pictures and old posts I notice how much she has grown and changed while still staying the same charming Reagan she has always been.

  So I decided that a timeline post would be super fun.

I know most of you have been with us for this whole journey, but I figure you would like to see what caught my attention even if you have seen all these pictures over the years.

Of course as I went through the pictures I realized there were waaaaayy too maybe we'll have to do it again before the month is over.
P.S.  For everyone who will be seeing us tomorrow....make sure you get your picture taken with Reagan...we have a special post in the works :)

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