Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Disney Days

We love to spend an afternoon after school strolling the enchanting byways of the Happiest Place on Earth.  And since Reagan doesn't have the stamina to do much walking (still working on getting some physical therapy for that)  she rides in the stroller.  Which means when she kicks off one of her boots and I don't notice that she is trying to tell me, I get to re-stroll those byways in search of it.

She doesn't mind though...she'll ride on the carousel with Daddy while she waits.  She will not, however, ride on the animals...they go up and down and up and down is scary!

Toy Story Midway Mania is a favorite of Reagan's.   She is pretty good at pulling that string to shoot balloons and plates.  It is always a highlight of her day.

There are some rides that she is a little (ok a lot) too small to know all the ones that require you to be over three feet tall.  But that's ok...we know how to pass the time waiting for Daddy and sisters to ride them.  Spinning Minnie is fun, even if Mommy won't buy it.  (Ok lets face it, I would have bought it if Daddy wasn't carrying all the money...could you resist that smile?)

And as evening falls and it feels like it might actually be fall,  Reagan has to show what a big girl she is by zipping up her sweater all by herself.  "Did it Mommy, did it".

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