Sunday, October 5, 2014

That we may have Complete Joy

God is Good....All the Time.  And he wants us to have complete joy.  A great sermon (see Olin you got me thinking) this morning combined with some thoughts that have been churning around in my head for a while courtesy of idiots (sorry but if the shoe fits) like Richard Dawkins and the general hedonistic nature of our society juxtaposed (sorry, that old english major is rearing its head here lol) with sweet stories about new babies blessed with extra chromosomes, the love showered on Reagan everywhere she goes and moments like those experienced today remind me that the idea of happiness and joy is not defined by possessions or ease or chromosome count.  It is something that is spending a lot of time rolling around in my heart and brain and I will probably write more on it later, but for now...the moments experienced today....Complete Joy!  She joyfully signed the songs at church this morning...wish I had a picture...Complete Joy.

Lunch with friends (and how many little girls can we fit in three square feet?) .....Complete Joy!

We all gathered around as a church family and proved that we really are just that as we witnessed an awe inspiring moment of a friend baptizing a man who turned around and baptized his wife...Complete Joy.  Growing up big and brave....Complete Joy!

P.S.  Sorry for no post was Saturday which means nothing exciting happens and I do too much work...and I make no promises that it won't happen again ;)

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