Thursday, October 30, 2014


I'm going to shift focus kinda sorta for a minute here.  Today Cadence was honored at her school as student of the month for the first grade class.  I have to say yet again...I love this school!  When the teachers select their student of the month it is not based on scholastic achievement.  Rather, they choose based on demonstrated character...Christlike what is says on the certificate.  And the teacher goes up and says why they choose the student they choose.  So for first grade Mrs. Ferre stood up and talked about a student who was new to school this year, but who she got to know last year from her sister.
A student who when she considered the Fruits of the Spirit, one in particular came to mind.  Compassion.  She said that this young lady exemplified compassion in and out of the classroom.  With her classmates and her siblings.  She always shows her depth of care for their feelings and problems.  And you know what....her teacher nailed it!  If I had to pick one word to define Cadence it would be compassionate...or empathetic which is really the same thing.  She has a depth of care for those around you that you seldom see in a not yet six year old.  And here's where I'll get a little back on topic.  This is Cadence's nature.  But it is helped along by Reagan.  And encouraged in others by Reagan.  This is one of the gifts of being around those with special needs.  They make us better people.  And they don't even try!  But back to Cadence.
 I am so happy that her most basic nature and her greatest gift was publicly recognized today, because too often compassionate people get taken advantage of rather than being recognized.  And it was so nice for her to hear from someone other than Mommy that she is a true Child of God following his example.

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