Monday, October 6, 2014

Goodnight Long Day

ummm.  yeah.  Today did not go according to plan.  We did manage to draw part one of two labs and Little Miss totally rocked it....seriously, not a flinch, cry, whimper...nothing but a tiny "ouch" with the poke for 6...count them...6 of 10 vials of blood needed.  It was actually rather hysterical.
 If I told you that it took four people to draw 6 vials of blood from a 4 year old with special needs you would automatically assume that at least 2 or 3 of them were needed to hold her down.
 Yeah, not so much.  I loosely held her in my lap while taking pictures to (unnecessarily) distract her while one tech held her wrist to keep the vein popped, one held the needle perfectly still (so as not to blow the one tiny vein she found...can I just give a big shout out to techs who actually listen when you say you child is a hard stick!) and one switched out the vials all while Reagan watched with great curiosity.
 At least there was no trauma for her...especially since we need to go back again on Wednesday.  Suffice it to say that after an early school pick up and then a long process at the lab followed by homework etc I did not get any laundry (who else has a never ending laundry cycle?  please tell me I am not alone here!) done, nor did I get much else of use in terms of the house accomplished.  BUT at the end of the day, by kids had a good day and got their work are alive, and that is all that mattered.  And now they are tucked in to bed.  Reagan with her favorite birthday presents from Grammy and Papa (wish I had a picture of her face..."ohhh" with her hands on her cheeks) when I turned on the lights of the picture, and Mama and Daddy (do you want Anna "no" do you want Elsa "no" who do you want "Anna and Elsa"...yeah they have to come as a pair).
Good night, sweet dreams and yeah for Daddy being off tomorrow!  I know I have alluded to some medical stuff, and I promise details soon.  Suffice it to say, she is perfectly fine and there is always a little more stuff going on at this time of year with all her annual checks and when everything comes back I will give a full medical update....oh and by the way, NO HEART CHECKUP THIS YEAR!

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Michelle said...

How lucky to have a blood draw with a smiling face like that! She is a cutie! Thanks for participating in 31 for 21; your blog is my random blog of the day for my FB page: