Thursday, January 13, 2011

Weight upon the Lord

We've been having a few rough days with concern for Reagan's heart.  I'm not a cardiologist and I'm not thrilled with her's so we've been in the process of switching which is not the smoothest process in the world.  Her last appointment was canceled and the timing of that is horrible since my mommy instincts having been kicking in and telling me that Reagan's medication needs a boost.  She was extra sleepy, less active, sweating when she was nursing and not really eating enough.  We've been struggling with her weight gain all along anyway and working hard to keep her strictly breastfeeding so the fact that she appeared to lose ground this week was scary and discouraging.  Yesterday however, she seemed more back to her sweet, chipper self.  Smiles and giggles are coming more frequently as did her requests for mama-milk :)  And she woke up hungry in the night last night!  So I plopped little miss on the scale after her morning feeding and medication and guess what it showed.
A gain!  Her biggest gain EVER!  She is up 4 ounces since Monday.  She has never gained that much that fast.  She has gained less than 2 pounds since BIRTH!  So 4 ounces is a miracle for me.
Course she's still my baby pixie and will stay tiny enough to fit in this Newborn outfit I picked up from the clearance rack for some time yet.

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