Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Nothing in a day

I am having to remind myself of my mother's words to me in November when my older two were sick and I was struggling to keep Reagan's weight on track (not that we've had much sucess in that area) and my husband was working insane hours.  I was overwhelmed and stressed out that each of my children were not getting the attention they needed.  That Reagan needed more stimulation for her development...etc, etc.  And my oh-so-wise mother reminded me of two things.
The first and most important being that my children are in God's hands.  (Well timed post Papa)  He knows what they need and he watches over them even when I cannot.  The second and more phyically practical thing she said was that nothing important happens in a day.  Reagan's development won't happen in a day,  her heart won't heal in a day and so on.  More to the point, one day of not doing what I feel I MUST do to be a good mother is not going to ruin her chances at a good life.
Sounds pretty silly once its all put out there, but I sometimes find it so hard for it to be okay if I don't get everything done NOW.  And there is too much to do.  So with the lesson learned (for the moment)  I am letting everything but the essentials go this week as I prepare for our friend's wedding.  My kids are running around in their pajama's and "helping" Mama make the wedding cake and various sweet goodies for 200 guests. 

So I'm not worrying about looking for a new cardiologist, or following up with Regional Center, or going crazy with therapy this week.  It'll all still be there to do on Monday.  And I'm trusting that if I'm missing something important that God is big enough to whack me over the head with it.


Scott said...

Wow! Who took those first two photos??? :-)
Well written post, hope the cake comes out good and the "helpers" feel proud. I like the way you linked my blog into your post.Now if you could just get someone to come over and read it...


Shauna said...

I think someone did click over to you :) Your link in your siggy isn't live here though.

Julia said...

Well said Shauna!!