Saturday, January 22, 2011

Precious Moments

We are still struggling with pumping, bottle rejection and no weight change yet, but in the midst of that I find it important to remember the sweet details that really make up our lives.  Our lives are NOT defined by diagnoses, doctor's appointments or scales.  They are made up of blessings and love and three precious little girls.  So here is a sampling of our precious moments the last few days.

Cadence showing off her dimples and giving her baby sister some kisses and hugs.  She's becoming such an adoring and adorable big sister.

Mama know Reagan's tickle spots.  I HAVE to catch this giggle on video one of these days.

At her more energetic moments Reagan is full of spunk and personality.

Clarisse and Cadence love to play and snuggle with their little sister.  Clarisse like to "help" with her therapy.

Clarisse and Cadence entertain themselves with artwork while Mama nurses or pumps.

Reagan's favorite toy....Sophie the Giraffe.  And Mama captured a video of her talking to it.


Anonymous said...

Keep pumping mamma, and don't give up any HOPE! I pumped my heart out until Grady was able to fully latch on and do it himself around 5 months. The days were long and frustrating some times. I hope you see some significant weight gain soon! the new pictures are just tooooo cutE!

Ilisa Ailts said...

I am just catching up. I do not know much of your story yet. However, it looks like you're dealing with heart issues and your little one nurses but needs more calories. Correct? I went through some similarities minus nursing during the 4 months until OHS. One thought about bottling is, what about syringe feeding with your finger?? Also, as far as pumping, there is an exclusively pumping video I watched in the NICU that helped a lot. Maybe contact the hospital and watch it? Good luck and good thinking on keeping with the nursing as the primary. When are you looking at surgery? (Assuming that will happen)

Ilisa Ailts said...

Oh, and she is just adorable. I always wanted a baby with lots of dark hair. It never happened, but I can then just look at yours!

Shauna said...

Ilisa, we don't know about surgery yet. We are going to a new cardiologist tomorrow, so check back for an update on her condition. Thanks for the advise. I have used the syringe some when she refuses the bottle. She's not much fond of that either since she does know how to nurse and does extremely well at it. You are right its just the need for more calories. She is doing better and...update here :) gaining some weight finally!