Sunday, January 2, 2011

Getting to know you

 We spent a lovely Sunday playing in Oak Glen before the storm hit and then watching snow fall outside Grammy and Papa's window.  Reagan spent a snuggly Sunday cuddled up against mommy's tummy and not caring in the least about the snow.  I have nothing remarkable to say, but in response to so many comments about the value of pictures, here are a few bits and pieces of Reagan in the last few months.
Just after birth and already loving her thumb.

Waiting for her first doctor's appointment at 3 days old.  The first of many doctor's appointments since.

All tucked in with the Heffalump her sisters picked out for her.

Her big sister singing Happy Birthday to her.  I have a video of that too!

I love fall babies.  Well I love fall, and I love babies so I like to photograph them together.

Fun with squash...I grew both of them, but Reagan's cuter even if she weighs less.
I didn't grow the pumpkin, but I had fun putting her in it.  She seemed to think I was a bit nuts.

And finally one more that my friend took, because it portrays how I feel about my sweet angel every single time I hold her.  I am continually blown away by how much joy children and this one in particular bring just by their very existence.

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Shellee said...

She is so beautiful!