Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Reagan showing spunk with her right hand trying to get that mask out of her face.

My poor sweetie has been admitted to Loma Linda Children's Hospital for RSV and either pneumonia or partially collapsed lungs.  It has been an incredibly harrowing day, but she is resting comfortably right now.  I'm counting our blessings.  We switched cardiology care to Loma Linda one week ago today and because of that she has been admitted to the Cardiac unit.  VERY good thing!  Once we got past triage in the ER (that took way too long considering her pediatrician called ahead) her nurses have all been truly wonderful.  They felt so bad that they couldn't get an iv started easily.  Poor baby got poked so many times,  they eventually placed it in her head, but it doesn't bother her.  She has had three breathing treatments which haven't done much for her, but they also deep suctioned her which she HATED, however it has helped and she is the best she's been in a few days.  As of right now they are letting me nurse her so that is a good thing especially since it took her so long to get a room that I hadn't had much chance to pump.  I am going to attempt some rest before they come in to check her and suction her (sob) again, but I will continue to update as I get any new information.
Grammy singing Reagan to sleep after a traumatic iv placement.


Anonymous said...

I sit amazed at God's planning... Your Mom in that photo makes my heart squeeze with familiarity. She knows that hospital. She knows (and loves!) hospital children. And God planned it to be that way. You are safe, Reagan! And you are in the most amazing and perfect family for YOU! God surely knows. We love you guys. I'll bring you lunch tomorrow afternoon if you can wait until after 1pm!


Patti said...

Oh, Baby I am praying for you!! Get better soon, little sweetie!!

Susanna said...

Shauna, that last shot is the. most. precious. picture!