Sunday, February 13, 2011


Today I took a break.  Rafael was off for his last day of vacation and we got the baby dedicated at church.  I have seen a good number of baby dedications over the years.  I've had both of my older girls dedicated there.  I have never seen such a moving dedication as was done for Reagan this morning.  Pastor Don as always talked about how the dedication is really more about us committing to raising our daughter(s) and our family and the church supporting us.  Then he talked about Reagan's heart.
 And he asked entire congregation to hold out their hands as if they were holding her.  And he prayed for her, and her heart.  And he thanked God for the gift of new life and for HER special life.  And through it all she held his hand and smiled.
 And I was reminded that she is not MY child; rather she is GOD'S child whom he has trusted to me.

After church we went with Grammy and Papa for a picnic and hike in Bogart Park and I nursed my baby without a thought of schedules or extra calories and we had some precious family time.

We played with "kitty tails" (Clarisse's version of cattails), and climbed the "mountain" and played in the playground.
 It was a truly wonderful day.  And then to top it off I got to talk to my best friend  and hear her fun story about getting engaged last night!  (Love you Jodi)

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Ilisa Ailts said...

Thanks for sharing. What a touching dedication I'm sure.