Tuesday, February 1, 2011

One more night

First off we will be staying one more night.  Reagan seems to be improving, but her chest is still retracting a lot with her breathing and she is responding well to the breathing treatments so they are keeping her here to continue with that and will see how she is in the morning.  She is looking a lot perkier than last night though.  My poor sweetie has never looked so tired and miserable!  More good news- the new cardiologist that we like....is the BEST here according to our nurse friend :)  And he just happened to have an available appointment last Monday with two days notice.  Coincidence?  More more good news- Reagan's CCS approval has gone through so her cardiology and very likely this admission will be covered.  Reagan (and me -grin-) has had a stream of wonderful visitors today!  Thank you all for your company and advise!  Grammy came to spend the day with us.
 Our friend who used to be the Child Life Specialist here came and brought lunch and snacks and lots of advise on how to advocate for Reagan (she has more experience in this than anyone should ever have to have).
Another friend came and showed us great pictures of Reagan's cute little buddy and helped her out with a little OMT :)  And her daddy's cousin...yet another doctor came by to see us and make sure the night shift was up to the task ;)
And last but not least, the most important news of all.  I must link over to Patti's blog because wonderful things are happening there.  Three little sweeties are going to be rescued and the timing on this little fundraising giveaway is unbelievable!  NOT a coincidence :)


Patti said...

Sweet Shauna, here you are in a hospital- and I now how those places can be!! and you are blogging for our giveaway...can I just give you a big virtual hug?? LOVES to that beautiful girl, and lots of prayers for a speedy recovery!! oxox

Shauna said...

Aww Patti, I'm getting lots of traffic right now because of updates on Reagan, I figure God can use that too :)