Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Holding her own

Classic Reagan is making everybody fall in love with her charm and spunk :)  She held her own through the night.  No oxygen has been needed, she is maintaining oxygen levels above 92 all by herself.  She fights like crazy against the suctioning, but it helping a lot.  We are very happy with her nurses.  The night shift nurse and the day shift nurse both ordered me breakfast so I have been well fed, and they are continuing to let me nurse her so this is wonderful.  If she continues to hold steady through the day they will likely release her this evening!

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Anonymous said...

Just read this post Shauna. Lord we continue to trust You on behalf of Reagan and her family. Thank You that You are being glorified so very early in her life! Lord we trust that You are showing this family Your ways and the paths You have made for them as You guide them. You are their Savior and may they continue to hope in You, knowing Your great mercy and love. In the name of Your dear Son who made possible Your mercy and love. Amen