Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Power of Prayer

 We are home.  I sat down to write an update several times today, but every time I got a couple sentences typed they came in and updated our status again.  When we left last night she had not yet eaten nor had I been allowed to hold her.
The first thing our nurse said when we walked in this morning is that they were thinking of discharging us today.  And from there it was just a matter of working toward that end.  At about 2:30 Dr. Bailey came in and said is his sweet, slow manner "I've been trying to think of what we could do for Reagan here that you couldn't do better at home".  Then he listened to her heart and said in response to my statement that she looks so good "well she doesn't have any holes in her heart any more"  Then he ordered her discharge :)  Out came all the lines and monitors.
She had the best team and the best nurses and the best care. But even more than that she had the love and prayers of all of you backing her up.
 I know you all have been praying for a successful surgery and a quick recovery and as Susanna said how about that for an answer to prayer!
Now if you don't mind....don't stop.  This mama is physically and emotionally drained and we have a bit of a road ahead of us in handling a fragile Reagan and keeping her rough enthusiastic sisters from bouncing giving her too much love.


Lynn said...

God is so good. Open heart surgery one day and the next home with love ones. Thats where Reagan should be, and for you Mama, just hold her nothing else really matters.... She will heal with time. My prayers are still with your family. Let papa hold her, he was so excided and on pins and needles nothing else on his mind all day at work, ya sure.

Ilisa Ailts said...


Susanna said...

She is just the sweetest little cupcake, Shauna! Prayers for healing for her and rest for the busy mama!