Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Course is Charted

We saw the cardiologist again on Tuesday.  No big surprise Reagan not only didn't gain any weight, but she actually lost a little.  So surgery is for sure now.  It is a relief to know which direction we are moving.  We have an appointment to see the surgeon early Monday morning and we will set a surgery date then.  I'm praying that it is not too far out.  Now that we are going to do the surgery I just want it done and my baby feeling better as soon as possible.  In the words of Reagan's (fabulous) pediatrician "well, we lets get her fixed up".
 In the meantime since I'm not pushing so hard for weight gain I have cut back on the pumping and increased the nursing and we are trying to spend some pleasant family time before the hectic surgery life arrives.

 Doing things like planting our garden.  

And having picnics in the clubhouse.  
You know, all those little things that make you smile and remember that life is good and God is good...all the time. (that one's for you Pastor Don :) )

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Scott said...

All the time... God is good!!! (hehe)