Sunday, March 27, 2011

Counting Blessings

 Reagan fared better at the hospital than Mama did.  She came home with a fixed heart and I came home with a cold.  Colds are miserable.  They leave you feeling groggy and useless.  Like doing nothing but curling up with a good book or snuggling with your babies.  Except that snuggling with a baby right after open heart surgery isn't exactly comfortable for the baby.  And snuggling with a baby with a compromised immune system right after surgery when you have a cold is downright foolish.  So I have been left with only the joys of Jane Austen and watching my children play.  And counting my blessings.  So many blessings.  Some big and obvious and others small, but no less potent.

Reagan came home from the hospital only 36 hours after Open Heart Surgery minimizing her risk of infection. BIG blessing!
Reagan is already obviously feeling so much better, no longer sweating and panting after eating or playing and not even on any Tylenol for post-op pain any more.

Reagan is able to again nurse (enthusiastically) providing her with much needed protection against Mama's cold.  Huge blessing.
Reagan showed us her smile again today along with some new skills to show of to her therapist when she gets to resume therapy next week!

Oh boy this is going to be a long list :)

This bassinet that we never used for the other girls, but which has been perfect for keeping Reagan safe from sisters enthusiasm while being adaptable to her increasing desire to play.  A small thing that makes a big difference.

Rafael's new job only 15 minutes from home!
A church that has rallied in providing support.
Family that was there through the surgery and has open arms for all my girls.

A freezer full of food so we don't have to go shopping anytime soon.
A sweet little clip to brighten the day.

This amazing thing called the internet so that I can interact with friends even though we're isolated for a bit.
Oatmeal chocolate chip cherry cookies.
A garden that makes my mouth water when I walk through it.

Did I mention that Reagan can nurse again?  Oh yeah, and she got her giggle back!


Scott said...

And a beautiful giggle it is!!!


Susanna said...

What a wonderful list! Praising God with you, Shauna!

Mrs. B said...

Yay for giggles and nursing again! Our little boy is due in May with DS and AVSD. We look forward to meeting him soon!!

Scott said...

For those of you who are looking for the latest Reagan pictures and wondering where they are, about the time Shauna started feeling better her internet went down and they haven't been able to fix it yet. Seems to be an area problem, here neighbors are having problems too. I will take pictures of the now getting chubby Reagan and post them on my blog tomorrow.