Monday, March 21, 2011


Today is (was) World Down Syndrome Awareness Day.  I must admit that I wasn't aware of much more than one tiny beautiful little girl who I will hand over to surgeons tomorrow.  I am fighting every impulse to take her and run far away from the pain that will be inflicted upon her.  And I miss my other two girls.  For the very first time since they were born I did not tuck them in and kiss them goodnight.  With a 6 a.m. report time at the hospital it was better for them to be with their friends.  I know this is a late post and will likely not be read until morning, but I wanted to put up the last details I may not yet have shared.  Reagan's surgery is scheduled for 7:30 and will take 4-6 hours.  We will get updates every couple of hours and I will update here.  If anybody wants text updates just let me know and I'll update you that way too.  If there are no complications we may be able to come home as early as Thursday.  As of now we do not know where we will be tomorrow night after the surgery as Reagan will almost certainly still be on ICU and we were not able to get in to Ronald McDonald house, so whether we come home for the night will depend on if I can bear to be that far away for that long.  After she gets into a room I will stay with her until she is discharged.  If I have forgotten anything important....sorry, my brain is officially no longer working.


Patti said...

we're praying!!!

patsy said...

i just found you through patti...i will be praying for your sweet girl. miss reagan is absolutely beautiful!