Sunday, January 15, 2012

Wrapped in Love

What does this

Plus this

Plus this


(yes, I borrowed my kids' crayons to color this and they were missing some colors, but it gives the general idea)
 This.  Project Wrap Sophia in Love.  I will be making this quilt for Megan to take to Sophia on one of her trips and to put on her bed when she is finally home where she belongs.  But it will take more than just Megan's love to get her daughter home.  It will take the love of every one of us who think she deserves a loving home and mother, family and friends.  So will you join me and put your name on her quilt of love?  We want to fill every leaf and square on this quilt with names and messages of love to a lonely little girl across the ocean.  And we want to raise the rest of the money to bring her to this  side of the ocean where she belongs. If you want to join me in this special project make a donation to Megan's chip-in (on my side-bar) or her Reece's Rainbow FSP (tax deductable, also on my side-bar) and leave a comment letting me know which kind of patch you want.  A donation gets your name on the quilt. A $15 donation will get your name on one of the leaves.  $25 will get you a block that you can sign/design yourself (sent to you with return postage).  And either one will get Sophia one piece closer to being wrapped in the love of those who know its our job to defend the orphans.  This project will run until we fill all the pieces with love and I will be updating the progress with pictures as we go.


Megan said...

Thank you for the love you have for Sophia and me. Your post of love brought me to tears. God Bless

Jules Smith said...
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Anna Theurer said...

This is absolutely wonderful! I really like this idea. Let's get Sophia home!

Anonymous said...

Shauna -

You are amazing. Thank you for all you do for Megan (and Sophia). Please place my name on a leaf so they both know I am one of the many people that care about them.....

Thank You,