Thursday, January 5, 2012

Back to Normal

When I look back to a year ago I wonder how I got anything done....oh wait, I'm not sure I did. :)  With Reagan going into heart failure and having frequent doctor visits for her heart and her weight loss and being hospitalized for RSV and therapy and pumping and feeding.....I'm surprised we survived!  Now all of that is in the past and I have actually started taking for granted how normal life is.  Scratch that.  I was taking it for granted.  Until I decided to have surgery on my foot between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  It needed to be done, but what a crazy time to do it!  I did a lot of online shopping for Christmas.  And I learned to crochet.  And I learned to not take for granted the ability to WALK.  It is very humbling to have to allow others to do everything; feed my kids, do my dishes, drive me to church.  So I am relishing the luxury now of wearing (boring comfortable) shoes and enjoying the lovely California winter (80 degrees) while walking (slowly) to the park.
Reagan has had a cardiology visit too.  We received the expected but none the less sweet news that her heart is functioning normally and her echo looked great.  Next visit in a year (that is a far cry from the every two weeks we were doing last year!).  She also had a follow up visit for her ear tubes.  Her ears look good and she can obviously hear better than she could.  She still needs to do a hearing test to confirm there is no other hearing loss, but the tubes were good for her.  Apparently she has extra tiny ears though.  They tried to fit her for ear plugs for bathing and the smallest size of tiny was too big. :)
So Reagan's health is normal.  My foot is starting to feel better than it has in years.  Whatever shall I do with my time? :)  Actually I do have a project...wanna hear about it?


Ashley said...

Yes! Tell us :)

Patti said...

I want to hear about your project!

Megan said...

Yes please I want to hear!