Friday, September 30, 2011

Reagan's Birth... Prequel: All thing work together for Good

So as I was trying to write out Reagan's birth story I kept going back, and then farther back because her story really starts with her oldest sister's birth and the lessons in faith and God's perfect plan that followed all the way through to today.
Clarisse Renee was born July 18th 2007 one week passed her "due date".  I had planned a natural hospital birth.  I had educated myself and selected a doctor that I thought was on the same page as me.  He told me that my plans were fine.  Turns out he'll tell you anything you want to hear and then try and do what he wants anyway.  We headed for the hospital at midnight when I was contracting 3-5 minutes apart thinking that we were well on our way to meeting our baby.  17 long and painful (almost natural) and somewhat unnecessary hours later she finally made her appearance.
 She was perfectly healthy, but her Mama was very traumatized and unsure about the idea of going through that again.  I was terrified of having another baby!  So when Clarisse was 7 months old and I found out that I was expecting again...well lets just say I shed a few tears.

Not because I didn't want another child, I had always planned on more than one, but rather at the thought of going through another birth.  I just knew I couldn't do it, but you can't exactly take back a baby and get a refund :)  So I prayed and did some research and found the most wonderful, gifted woman in the childbirth world who had opened a beautiful free-standing birth center 10 minutes (thank goodness it is close) from my home.  She listened to my fears about a repeat of my first birth.  She educated me.  She guided me to wonderful stories to encourage me.  My pregnancy under her care is the best I have felt in my life!  Our 20 week ultrasound showed us that Cadence Emerita was *expected*  November 22 2008.  November 14th I had an appointment scheduled for a chiropractic adjustment (car accident in week 19)  and then a pre-natal.  By the time I got to the pre-natal visit I was contracting regularly but only every 20 minutes.  I  said I'd see her sometime in the next few days....she said she'd see me sometime that evening.  Turns out she was right.  She called me every few hours to check on me and insisted I come in when I was contracting 7 minutes apart even though I was afraid it was going to be another 17 hour marathon.  Turns out she was right...I barely made it there and Cadence was born 15 minutes after we arrived.
  My second words after she was born (the first being how beautiful she was) were "I can totally do this again, I didn't know having a baby could be like this".  What a difference having someone who really listens and supports you can make.  Now what in the world does all this have to do with God's plan for Reagan?  Well for starters he worked the horror (for me) of Clarisse's birth into the amazing good of finding Lori who has become more than just a midwife but a mentor and a very dear friend.  And I would have continued to have standard hospital births.  And for the rest of the story....well you'll just have to stay tuned for the next installment :)
My intention really was to put this post up a week ago, but two things held me back.  First I suddenly had a high amount of traffic coming in from a link here and much of it departing to the Quinn's blog where the fundraiser for Autumn is still in full force (check it out if you haven't yet)  and I didn't want to interrupt that perfect timing.  Second and more practical....I couldn't find the pictures I was intending to insert here. (I really did have it all written a week ago!)  Tomorrow is October 1st and the beginning of Down syndrome awareness month.  My intention is to blog every day in the month of October about many things great and small.  And considering the trouble I had finding old pictures for this post you may be subjected to old photos as I go through and edit (hee hee).  So my official kick-off for October really will be the rest of Reagan's birth story tomorrow (I already have the pictures this time).

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